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Originally Posted by backwardsEric View Post
It isn't mentioned in the help.
Something to be added at some point I guess. I couldn't find a mirrored list/table of resistances/abilities in the manual.

Originally Posted by backwardsEric View Post
The ordering of the columns in that display is the same as the rows, going from the top to bottom and then left to right, in the resistances/abilities part of the second screen of the character sheet, so that may help.
Thanks. I was not aware of that screen which is essentially what I was looking for but transposed from the equipable comparison screen - although I find the equipable comparison screen more friendly/tighter if it were not for the two letter abbreviations.

Originally Posted by backwardsEric View Post
I should experiment with staggered horizontal column labels (like what is used for subwindow configuration) using the two character abbreviations to see if that is more usable and worth the cost of an extra row for the column labels.
I looked at that subwindow config screen - definitely more friendly if you can fit it in - but that screen uses more than two letters for the column headings, which I realize you may not have the real estate to include. An alternative is simply to add more rows to the header, keep the text reading downward, and add more letters to match the rows you add

For example:

@                        ....
| e Dagger (1d4) (+0,+0) ....
Five rows would be the same length as the second character sheet screen. Might need to do some user testing to get the best approach (this vs. staggered). If there is room (not sure), whitespace would help also.

                         A E F C
                         c l i o
                         i e r l
                         d c e d
@                        . . . .
| e Dagger (1d4) (+0,+0) . . . .
Or alternating colors/shades (which saves the real estate), like:

@                        ....
| e Dagger (1d4) (+0,+0) ....

Oh...and BTW...I think I found a bug in the equipable comparison screen. Press 'r' twice (i.e. reverse twice) and there is an immediate exit from the program (v. 4.2.1).

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