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Angband rant from my windows


I'm about to head off to work. Was going to report some weapon switch bug that keeps crashing my program but I have no time to replicate it (my current character has no extra weapon/pick at the moment to replicate it for my "report" and I don't want to leave back up to town).

I'm writing because it's a nice day here... sun coming through the windows... 24 inch monitor, cranked up cpu for playing games like starcraft 2, the new diablo 3 when it comes out etc)....

Saying this here not to brag about my computer setup, but because here I am in a forum for Angband. About as old school a game as you'll ever want to play, and probably requires about 1/100,000 what my computer is capable of graphicaly.

I'm looking at my screen as I type this... This game is addictive... it's fun.... it's scope seems vast.... the items, the monsters, the slow but steady exploration, revealing more and more cool things along the way.... with true death waiting around every turn. From beginning to end (I assume even though I haven't actualy gotten quite to the end... pathetic drolem got me last I played a few years back).

Awesome game cuz you actualy don't mind that the game killed you... makes you be more careful next time.... you actualy have respect for it not being such a pushover panzy game with a magical item of "game save oops i died restore my life from saved game".

I'm writing this because I have all this computer power and here I am liking Angband far more than i like starcraft 2.

Better than Oblivion (boring).

I guess in a way I'm writing this just to say something maybe a bunch of us already know... Angband is pretty awesome for an hour or so a night game... and the "feel" of it, in my I'd say "vast" gaming experience is unique, and up there in "great games" with the likes of diablo 2 (replayability) and and gta games.

I recommend this game to people... some laugh because of the poor graphics or whatever.

"real" graphics can interfere with a story... can ruin a good book say.... and that is what I like about Angband.

It doesn't require an nvidia gtx 480, or 3D goggles.

I wish more games were pumped out that followed Angband's basic premise.

Strange how originaly it was designed and constrained because of computer limitations, but just happened to be, i guess just a game that I really think is going to last "the ages".... unlike others you shelve and forget about, or have bad thoughts on.

I have to say even if better tiles aren't made, tons of new sounds aren't added, etc etc... Angband even as is is in my top 5 games of all time.

(I'd bet anything it'll still be around 20 years into the future).

Ok... birds are done chirping... time for me to go.

(spits on a drolem and walks away)
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