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Therem Harth
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Inventory management problems...

This is Little Snitch, a Hobbit Sniper, on Neoband git master:

Right now I'm in a bit of a conundrum with her re inventory management.
- I have two sources of FA available, the ring and the caestus. I can't go walking around without FA.
- I have two sources of speed available: the gloves "Atumir", and a Ring of Escaping. The ring makes me unable to attack. I would hope that's a nonissue for an archery based character, though...
- I also have rings of Delving and Open Wounds. Delving would be cool for battlefield control, but Open Wounds is more attractive because of the instant healing thing... I think.
- Finally, I don't have all the base resists covered. Boo, hiss.

I'm wondering what people here would consider the optimal equipment combination right now. At the moment I'm leaving +speed alone so I can use the Ring of Open Wounds, but I'm not sure if that's wise. And further complicating matters, Little Snitch's STR is low enough to make carrying all this stuff difficult, so not being able to use the Ring of Strength +3 also hurts a bit.

Any suggestions?
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krazyhades is on a distinguished road
IF you were a mage, I'd definitely wear Escaping, but your melee damage is pretty decent.

I think you should wear the the Ring of FA, Ring of Str, and Atumir, with Escaping and Delving as swaps for running away and opening vaults or paths around dangerous monsters. If you need the inventory slot from escaping or delving to lug another item around or to the surface, chuck them without a second thought.
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I haven't played Neoband, but unless you've buffed Open Wounds/Delving considerably, I wouldn't consider using them. Carry potions if you need instant healing, and if you want better digging, use the Delving as a swap.
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Therem Harth
Join Date: Jan 2008
Posts: 926
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Went with @krazyhades' suggestion. (Thanks!) Delving is currently in Little Snitch's house somewhere, Escaping I'm carrying as a swap in. Open Wounds I probably won't use, as CCW potions are cheap enough.

Anyway, updating the character dump now...
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