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Immunities on randarts

I'm currently playing a game with randarts on... and from what I can tell 99% of them *suck*. The reason? Immunities.

When you look at the normal set of arts, only 17 out of 138 have immunities, and only one has more than one. In this game, almost all of them have one immunity. The result is having all four immunities easily with a set of randarts... while only having less than half the basic resistances covered (didn't see res nether, nexus or shards on any randart yet, while having probably 30+ randarts with immunities). This sounds really wrong...

The problem is that an immunity will wipe away most of a randart's power, barely leaving room for any other useful properties (stats, resists). I don't see a point of having 10 randarts with immunity to cold and feather falling... Would be nice to reduce the chance of immunities appearing on randarts.
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From my experience: Randarts are more likely to have immunities than standard artifacts but you seem to have a set with an extremely high number of immunities.
I just had a char (which died unfortunately, see other thread) who was able to cover every single higher res with randarts by dungeon level 77. I have only seen 2 items with immunities iirc but I was still wearing a ring of poison res because I haven't found any other item with poison res on it.
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As I recall, when generating randarts, the game looks at how many standarts have each power (imFire, telepathy, featherfall, etc.) and then tries to make a randart set with a roughly equivalent distribution of powers. However, it allows a wide variance. Immunities in particular tend to be noticeable since they're usually rare (in standarts), so players are more likely to notice when a game has lots of immunities. However, I've had plenty of randart games where immunities were thinly distributed at best. I'd say you just got unlucky.
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I ONLY play randarts and I don't see that many randarts with immunity in a game. The game I finished yesterday, for example, I came across one cold, which I was able to use, one fire, which sadly I could not, and one acid, which I could also not use (not that they weren't fine artifacts, but they were just not compatible with my other stuff by the time I got them).

The game before that I also had very few immunities show up. Before that, i can't remember specifically, but I have never had what OP seems to be describing.
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There are many way in which randarts can "suck". They (naturally) have more spread in quality than standarts. You can get unlucky, or lucky and get a set with few immunitoes but many "better" powers.

Also, I wouldnt judge a particular set on the items you happen to find. Another playthrough where you find others, or in different order, can look very different.

The worst that can happen is that you end up with almost all ego items, which still leaves you in reasonable shape to finish the game. If you get really lucky, you end up doing 1k damage or so to the bosses, which is more than you can achive with standarts.
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I play randarts and you have to accept the variances; the standard set is designed to be balanced so there is a reasonable spread of resistances, protections and buffs. I always find in randarts there is something there are a lot of and something else there are less of. That's how random works.

I've played games where (according to the artifact dump) there have been only 4 randarts with immunities and those only covering 2 elements. I've had games where free action was essentailly non-existant and ones where (seemingly) everything had darkness resistance.

That's what makes randarts fun, it adds more variation to the game as you have to play around the holes and overabundance of the item abilities.
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