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Blessed Fighter?

The Blessed Fighter Paladin ability says they get a "melee bonus" to blessed and hafted weapons. I found no explanation in the manual what this means exactly so I did a bit of code diving.

From what I found it seems they get +2 to hit and damage with blessed weapons? But I found no trace of any bonus for hafted weapons. Is the in-game description for this ability wrong? Should it just say blessed weapons? Also, I don't know if it's against the design of the game or something, but it would be nice if the description said exactly what bonus it gives in numbers, instead of just a "melee bonus".

(Also, the manual still talks about selling items in shops.)
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Originally Posted by NON View Post
(Also, the manual still talks about selling items in shops.)
Just because no-selling is on by default, it can easily be changed to selling in the birth options at character formation. The manual should definitely still contain information regarding selling items.
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Sure, but the manual talks about it as if selling is the default/only way that the game works:

Each character has some gold, which can be used to buy items from the shops in the town, and which can be obtained not only from selling items to the shops, but also by taking it from dead monsters and by finding it in the dungeon. Each character starts out with some gold, the amount of which is based on the character’s social class (higher is better) and stats (less powerful characters start with more gold). Each character also starts out with a few useful items, which may be kept, or sold to a shop-keeper for more gold. However, especially valuable items will never sell for the full price, as each shopkeeper has a maximum that they are prepared to pay for any item. The more generous shopkeepers may buy your items for up to 30,000 gold pieces: but some are really stingy, and will pay no more than 5,000.
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no selling changed to default since 4.0
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