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There are only 5 dangerous monsters inside, and with Balli you can pretty much obliterate the rest. You should'nt pass the opportunity. When you're done clearing the outer area, remember to use your charge of banishment for Q, because you don't want to be teleported away by the nexus Q when there are nasties loose on the level that could instashot you.
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I finally wimped out. It was probably a bit too cowardish but hey, still alive.
Thanks for all the tips that helped me understand the game better.
Cowards live a long time, brave ones usually die soon of a glorious death.
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Pete Mack
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Probably wise. There will be more vaults soon enough, with easier layout and significantly better loot.
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A Magical Lamp
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A good general rule of thumb is if it shimmers it's dangerous. Not true all the time and there's plenty of dangerous enemies that don't shimmer but generally shimmering enemies are the ones to look out for.
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