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Editing !CCW

I would like to increase the amount of HP restored by potions of cure critical wounds. I would like them to give about 150-200 HP, instead of the current 80 HP they restore. What do I need to change in the below text to accomplish this please?

N:345:Cure Critical Wounds
D:It cures 8d10 points of damage, cures all stunning, heals all cut
D: damage, neutralizes poison, and cures blindness and confusion. It
D: also provides nourishment for about 50 turns under normal conditions.
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I think you need to change the source code, not the edit files. Then you would need to recompile.

The relevant section is around line 329 in, the code for case EF_CURE_CRITICAL:

Except, are you talking about a variant? The 8d10 in the description along with your 80 HP comment leaves me rather confused.
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I should have mentioned that. It's NPPangband. In the case of the source code, I guess I'll just have to like it. I don't know the first thing about source code. Thanks for the reply though.
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