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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
So a half-troll warrior will likely start with a skill of 10, and end with a skill of probably around 55-60, assuming decent-but-not-great INT. Similarly, a gnome warrior will start with a skill of 40 and end with a skill of around 80. In both cases their INT has a trivial impact.
I'm not a huge fan of how the calcs are set-up now for this reason. It's fine that int is the least important stat on the warrior, but I'd prefer to be seeing a noticeable gain in devices for high int (& save for high wis).

I also would love to see gnome warriors stand out more as a device warrior & have more of a niche then just being a challenge race for that class. Yes they certainly have better fails then the half-troll, but it doesn't really stand out the way it does when you play gnome mage or gnome rogue.
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This used to be the case, in 3.0.x. The original device fail rate was a lot more sensitive to modest skill boosts
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