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Question A question about healing spells

Hi, I have a question about the spell minor healing. I'm playing a HT paladin on DL 91. I have 1035 hp and the minor healing spell says that it heals 57/35%. I took this to mean that the spell would either heal 57 health or 35% of 1035 (which comes out to about 350 health) whichever is greater. But when I cast the spell I only seem to get back 150 or so. Am I misunderstanding the way the spell works? I'm playing on v4.1.3-190-g93e6481f8... I think. This is my first week of trying the in development versions >,>. Having alot of fun, Single combat is great and a 2000 hp healing spell at 5% failure on a paladin seems a little op. But then I did a mage run earlier where Morgoth never even touched me with his melee or summons so... :P
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Pete Mack
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Percentage healing refers to current wounds, not MaxHP. So if you are at (say) 735 HP, curing will give you 133 HP back. The original Heal300 spell is almost always better.
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Ah, that makes sense I guess. Thanks ^_^
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