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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
Well you were lucky to have it drop at DL10, but the artifact isnt really memorable.
Dropped by a priest at DL10? That's memorable. Especially after Smeagol, Wormtongue, and Bullroarer dropped nothing but gold!
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Together, not bad

Some things I'm wearing now:

Iron Helm of Dorisil [7,+9] <+4>
Dropped by Brodda, the Easterling at 1450 feet (level 29)

+4 speed
provides resistance to fire, cold, sound.
Cannot be harmed by acid

Pair of Leather Sandals of Areth [1,+17] <+3>
Dropped by Kavlax the Many-Headed at 1700 feet (level 34)

+3 intelligence
Provides resistance to dark, nether, disenchantment.
Provides protection from blindness.
Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
Sustains constitution.
Speeds regeneration. Prevents paralysis.

When activated, it creates a large fire ball with damage 200.

Looks like the shoemaker got drunk with helmet maker and their design docs got mixed up...
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