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Meanwhile, I tend to recommend the opposite: a half-troll warrior. Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead! You may well die quickly from an undetected monster, but getting a new character to the deeps is very fast.
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Hmm ... i find half-orc rogue to be the easiest class to level up. And maybe half-orc warrior.
On 4.1.3 then half-orc blackguard is really all you need to win. Maybe. Depends on the shield bash nerf, i havent played in 5 months.

Mage is the class i most easily die with when high level; tele self, gravity hounds, #ded.

Dunedain Ranger 4.1.2 or earlier is the easiest win character: buy 40 CLW, 10 food, and 5 Mage1. Grind DL5~10 until you find a red worm mass.
Drop your recall scrolls, let them breed, kill 3000 of them. BAM! CL20+ and double bow damage.

Buy a longbow of power, and you are ready for morgoth.
"i can take this dracolich"
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Pete Mack
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Oh, ugh. Farming is just a hopelessly boring way to level up (if you must farm, use black oozes to get a bit of loot out of the process.)
You are better off using magic devices to do damage. A few light rods will take out tons of trolls and orcs.
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