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Announce NPPAngband 0.5.1 (final) released

NPPAngband 0.5.1 is complete! This release was mostly about incorporating most of the Vanilla Angband development in recent years. NPP 0.5.0 was based on Angband 3.0.6. NPP 0.5.1 has most of the changes through Angband 3.1.2v2. NPP 0.5.1 was also about fixing many bugs and making dozens of minor changes to improve gameplay and game balance. There are a couple new features, such as a new New object & quiver pickup/handling system, and the way monster temporary timed effects has been changed (which should be in Vanilla soon, along with cumulative monster messages).

But mostly this version has significantly improved UI and game balance over NPP 0.5.0, and should pretty close to a bug-free playing experience (of course I will regret saying that, but there haven't been any major bugs or crashes reported for many, many months).

Here are the links:


Windows executable:

Here is the complete changelist:

From here I am going to work on getting NPP up on github, and Antoine and I have preliminary plans to get Quickband and Ironband working off of this version of NPP as well.

0.5.2 will be a another minor release. I am going to add some features from Angband 3.2, grabbing some great new developments from other variants, and adding some original new features as well. Then in 0.6.0 I will make some major changes I have been putting off in order to preserve savefile compatability.

Thanks to the many people who playtested this version of NPP, gave me feedback and suggestions. Enjoy!
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