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teleport level spell

I guess I'm dislexic or something, but I keep casting teleport level (I'm a mage) on levels where I'm about to pick up good stuff (pot of Life) or on a super vault level. I've done this about 10 times this game. Is there a way to make teleport level ask me before I cast it? I don't see how that would be possible but hoping there is some way.
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You can inscribe it with !* that will call a prompt on any action.

You can either do it directily: "{" then choose item and type "!*" or you can bring up the autoinscription menu with "={" and then choose scroll -> teleoport level and make the inscription there.

Oh, you probably ment the spell - the only way to prevent that is to inscribe the spell book.
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I guess it's from the spellbook. This solution does not work then; there is no way to inscribe it only for one spell.
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