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No monsters in Vanilla Angband have "reactive" abilities that trigger when you attack them. Everything's implemented as either spells/breaths, or melee attacks. Shame about the death, but like I said, mages are very vulnerable early on.

Someone (Thraalbee?) made a browseable monster database, but I can't find any link to it; sorry! You might also try browsing monster.txt, which is the data file the game uses to load monster details. It's harder to read than English, but really not too bad.

The trouble with priests is that they have no attack spell and pretty bad combat skills early on. Bless/Heroism will help a lot with killing things; they also have acceptable magic device skill, though unlike mages they don't get easy access to a recharging spell. Early in the third prayer book is Orb of Draining, which is an attack spell that will carry them through until they start getting the stats and gear to kill things directly. But getting them off the ground is tough.
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Originally Posted by wizard44 View Post
For my random character generation, I also chose to leave every birth option at default (so level feelings are on), and randomly rolled my first character, which gave me a Human Mage. Being the random oriented character that I am, I chose to do the standard roller to keep in theme of this series (generate everything randomly by default) and gave my character a random name. In the future, I might change the "start with a kit of useful gear" option to maximize the degrees of random freedom that I have with my character.
Just highlighting this bit as I've argued in the past that some players might actually want to use the standard roller and that it's tendancy to create overly gimped characters may not be a good thing.

Also best of luck!
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Priest wants to grab the highest damaging blunt weapon (I don't know if the version you're playing still has edged weapon penalties for priests) and smash enemies with it while healing himself. Angband priest cannot choose what prayer he learns next, so its possible not yet having Cure Wound prayer even after two level ups. So start with several phase door scrolls and some cure wound potions. Potions are also necessary for removing confusion, even after you get the healing prayer online. Apprentice mages you encounter early can confuse you and this is likely to be a death sentence if you lack CLW potions at the time.

Any ranged weapon is also a great upgrade. This really is true for every character but priest in particular has serious trouble dealing damage early. No class or race has ranged penalties.

Wand of Wonder is one of those extremely strong early items you should learn to exploit and they are not rare at all. Standing on stairs, zapping strong monsters with wonder can make a short fight and you'll have an immediate escape route ready in case the wand effect is something nasty. Cloning and hasting the monster and causing an earthquake come to mind.

Also don't be stingy using potions of speed when you need to escape. Those are pretty common starting right from the first level and they are arguably one of the most powerful consumables in the game. All the way to the end they are.

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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Someone (Thraalbee?) made a browseable monster database, but I can't find any link .

Use your local files in gamedata
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This is a message just to inform you guys that after running out of flasks of oil and other ranged attacks, I decided to recall my character and restock at the town. The character is at level 7 and has gone to D:5, so I feel that the character is a bit more stable, enough that I can post a separate thread for the guy. Take a look at it.
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I'm not familiar with the games you mentioned so these hints may be trivial for you.
If you play a low-strength character (like your first mage), watch your burden.
If the "Overweight" on your character sheet becomes positive, you'll suffer speed penalty. It's very easy to get -3 or even less speed if you start carrying extra copies of spell books, ammo (especially sling ammo), staves and heavy armors.
Low speed in Angband means almost certain death. If all enemies move twice as fast as you can, they'll kill you.
-1 is still ok, -2 is ok if you know what you are doing but I would avoid going further.
Therefore when playing a mage, don't take all armors for example. Those 20-30 lbs heavy pieces may improve your AC a lot, but since you don't want to be close to monsters anyway, it's useless. Resistances are more important if you are keeping a distance from the monsters.
Don't carry more than 2 copies of the books early in the game (< DL 20).
Check for the staves you are carrying (each is 5 lbs and easy to accumulate too much). By default you pick up any new items if they match something in your inventory. If you have a staff of light with 1 charge and pick up another one with 9 charges, you'll have 2 staves with 10 charges. But if you drop one, you'll have just 5. Better to drop that item with 1 charge before you pick up the other one.
Don't carry useless ammo. Also watch the weight of your weapons. I almost never use crossbows with a mage (except for Cubragol which has speed bonus).
You mentioned that you dropped some gloves - if they don't have FA/DEX bonus and are not alchemist gloves, they make you worse at casting spells so in general don't use them.
And the most important thing you should never forget: you don't need to kill everything. If you feel you can't handle the situation just flee.
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Pete Mack
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Don't worry about losing early. The usual newbie problem is playing (and leveling) so slowly that losing a midlevel character represents a lot of time lost.
When I start a mage I take:
MB1, MB2
~10 ?Phase
12 oil
1 potion of heroism
1 scroll of recall.
Extra torch, maybe food.

The important thing is to be able to kill a monster after running out of mana. The oil will let you kill almost any one monster up to DL 7 without much trouble. Avoid groups (detect monsters!) until you become effective with lightning bolt or archery.

Mage tends to be tough for newbies, because you are tempted to fight all the monsters, and don't know which ones to avoid.
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Next time also remember to allocate your stating stat points. A mage starting with 13 INT or a priest with 13 WIS is like shooting yourself in the foot.
PWMAngband variant maintainer - check (or to learn more about this new variant!
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Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post
Next time also remember to allocate your stating stat points. A mage starting with 13 INT or a priest with 13 WIS is like shooting yourself in the foot.
Human Mage with no INT bonus is definitely full blown challenge mode. Definitely not a good way to start!
Detailed account of my Ironman win here.
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So after I stupidly did not know that Scatha the Wurm could breathe hundreds of HP damage of cold AND do it twice in one go on D:46, Nedandon got killed off in what I call the perfect ambush. May the RNG grant me a good combination to go with.

Complete N00b's Journey: Character #3

Give a big hand to Anwe, the Hobbit Warrior. I chose to play with the “start with a kit of useful gear” birth option OFF, to truly maximize the random experience.

The first thing that I notice from the stores is that there is NO Dagger, Rapier, or Main Gauche for my warrior to get, so I decided to buy the other extreme necessities before deciding on what weapon to get. I bought 2 potions of Cure Light Wounds (since no potions of cure Serious wounds or Heroism were for sale), a scroll of Word of Recall, and 3 scrolls of Phase Door, before deciding on buying a Whip and a Short Bow as my starting weapons. I figured that the Short bow would give me enough of an edge at a distance to make up for having a crappy weapon. I then finished off my starting shopping by buying 2 additional scrolls of Phase door, a Potion of Boldness, 5 flasks of Oil and 20 Arrows to finish off my starting shopping.

So the first goal here is to get to D:8, or get as far as possible before we either run out of potions of Cure Light Wounds, Scrolls of Phase door, or Flasks of Oil and Arrows. For this run, I am going to take the first set of staircases that I find and descend, no exceptions.

The starting details have been posted to the following Angband ladder link below:

Feel free to offer your tips for this character.

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