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Variant name..


there was this one variant whose names I cannot find. It had an amulet (Amulet of Permance, I think?) that when worn would stop all temporary effects from timing out. I really liked that variant, does anybody remember it?
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Multiband has that, called amulet of persistance. Not sure if there are others too. Multiband is cool, Gwarl needs to update it to the latest version on
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There also is a really old roguelike that has a potion with that effect (and together with ridiculously overpowered temp effects basically made you godlike).

Unfortunately, it's been somewhere between 25 and 30 years ago that I played it, and I forgot what it was called. It might've been Omega, but there really is no way to research. Fwiw, I played it on an Amiga back then.
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ULarn has a spell (Permanence) that makes all temporary effects permanent, including one that means monsters don't hit you, one that makes your character extremely powerful, one that allows you to walk through walls, and one that makes you immune to all secondary effects of monster hits and all monster special abilities. I don't recall if Larn already had this, though I think it did. It is quite powerful, but then again, a character who has the spell and all the other spells and other temp effects you would want to cast Permanence on (you only get to cast it once) is likely capable of winning the game in their own right.
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It might very well be Larn (or some of its derivates) that I was thinking of, yeah - thanks.
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Exit Fate isn't a roguelike, but it has a similar status effect, that causes all other status effects to not time out as long as it lasts.
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