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It would be great if there would be any kind of speaking with NPC, even the most simple one, like if you 'walk' into NPC - it would give you some text. This would provide possibility to create proper tutorial and also put a lot of lore to the game, to make it 'alive'

TomeNET got such fuction, even with possibility to 'talk' with NPC (ask questions).. It's cool, but I suppose even the most minimalistic way to 'talk' would help a lot Just give certain text after you 'bump' to certain NPC would be GREAT

Another way to do it could be option to show certain message in message window when you step on certain terrain. This would give possiblity to add 'MUD'-like stuff to the game, eg when player enter tavern - he would be able to see description of this tavern. I've wrote about this idea there
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