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CON: Base Regen

Been wondering what the Base Regen aspect of Constitution does for a while. It looked to me like it must improve HP regeneration, but every test I did seemed to disprove this. So looking at the code, I found just 2 things it does:

- All characters start with Base Regen 1. At CON 14, 18, 18/50...18/200 you gain 1 to Base Regen, capping at +9 at 18/200
- When you are cut or stunned, the counter goes down by this number each turn. So a character with CON 14 recovers from these two effects twice as fast, CON 18 three times as fast, up to a maximum of 10x at 18/200.
- All other statuses are unaffected

Is that correct? I might be mixing turn and round, in particular.

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