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Minor bug with messages and color. [V3.1.2 r1973]

I was fiddling around with message.prf in V3.1.2 r1973 and noticed that you couldn't change the color of normal hits on monsters.

I checked the source (albeit from 3.1.2v2, but this should be the same) and found that MSG_GENERIC is used in:

/* Tell the player what happened */
message_format(MSG_GENERIC, m_ptr->r_idx, "You %s %s.", hit_verb, m_name);

Unless I'm wrong this should be changed to the use of MSG_HIT to distinguish from all other generic messages. MSG_HIT is used in the melee crit-function for sound and MSG_SHOOT_HIT is used for ranged combat, so unless I'm missing something there should be no other problems there.

Edit. Meh - it needed some more work to use the melee crit notifications(MSG_GREAT etc). The melee-crits are only handled for sound (ie sound(MSG_HIT_GOOD); for instance). I guess there might be some other things as well.

Oh well - I guess the message.prf handling is not top priority atm, so I guess this could be shelved!

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Feature request among other things.

I've checked and searched in the issue tracker, but couldn't find much there about message.prf except the change in the color of the 'You are being afraid'-message to orange by default.

I can only remember the above-mentioned issues with messages for melee hits and critical hits (both melee and ranged).

I think a different default colorscheme for message.prf, would be nice, although I've made my own by now. Making (commented out or not) entries in this file for all possible messages as well would be good.

Making use of colors would of course make it easier to notice important stuff, similar to the improvements in monster memory/list.

Even more nifty would be making the message-color changeable ingame Š la visuals etc to make it more user friendly.

For instance, my first draft for colors in message.prf use this instead of the default white:

Bell, HP warning: red

Melee hit: blue (not working atm)
Ranged hit: blue (working)
Melee miss: gray (working)
Criticals (both ranged & melee): light blue (not working atm)
Monster kill: light red (working)

Monster attack: orange (working)
Monster breath: light brown (not working)
Monster spell(summon, create traps, shriek, cast fear, multiply): brown (not working)

New level, study, wield (incl cursed), pseudo ID: violet (working)

Buff: light green (working)
Bad status changes: yellow (working)
Recover status/End buff: light blue (working)(Unluckily I think these are the same message)

Edit: Updating what's not working as I play

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