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Am trying my hand at a Necromancer. So far I have out survived any previous attempts, but this has been primarily because I am not using my Necromancy spells (spell fail and going undead has killed most of my prior attempts).

So at some stage I am going to have to start taking these risks again. Raise dead is down to a 7% failure. So couple of questions:
- Does raise Dead ever work on Unique corpses?
- I am only planning on using Necromancy in more densly populated dungeons (like the orc caves or Moria - when I eventually get that tough). Any other tips on how I can be prepared for the ticking time bomb of undeath when it does inevitably happen. Guess I can carry lots of healing postions too (normally carry about 12).

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The ToME board seems pretty dead here. Do you want to try your question at the ToME "home" forum at
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You can't raise uniques.
Death Points are the same as Hit Points and can be replenished by healing spells or potions. Since it doesn't matter what you kill the safest place to get your life back is in town or wilderness grasslands. Since it doesn't take time to change maps the fastest way to get your life back is to stairscum or "edge scum" for nearby victims.
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