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Z+Angband all shops out of stock

I'm playing a bit of Z+Angband. Tried a hobbit ranger and noticed all the shops were empty at the start. I went into the dungeon and when I came back the '1' shop was open (but didn't have arrows). I've visited other towns and they were all empty too.

Very problematic once I've run out of Arrows. Without a source of phase door and more ammo I don't see how I can get a character like this off the ground.

Is there some kind "Ammo Creation" like in in ToME2 that I'm mising?

Any explaination on what is going on?


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That's weird. The only thing I can think of is that you accidentally turned on an ironman option that forces the shops to be useless. It's been ages since I played Z+ but I don't remember it doing anything special to the stores.
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Unless I accidentally pressed some control character, I haven't changed any options. Just checked them, all the ironman_ options are still off.
Trying a different character (Beastman Warrior) and seeing the same thing.
The same save file had several mages previously where everything was ok.

Edit: Race/Class of character does not matter, shops all start empty. But it does seem specific to the save file. If I start a new save file I do not get that issue. Guess that'll be my way forward. Still strange, no idea what I did.

Edit 2: So the new character just died and the re-use of that save file now has the same issue

Edit 3: Definitely something to do with restarting an old save file. New files always work. If I sell something to the empty shop, and then buy it back the shop will restock. Hopefully others will over time.

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