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Is Coffee-Break Harder than Normal Speed?

I'm curious, are equally skilled players more likely to win in the normal game or in Coffee-Break? I can see reasons for believing either:
  • Coffee-Break should be easier due to faster advancement and inability to scum - the shorter the game is, the less chance of horrible bad luck or attention lapse. Boredom and overconfidence are killers and there should be less of that in a Coffee-Break game
  • Coffee-Break should be harder because you are forced to constantly descend. If you feel underpowered for your depth you have no ability to hang around a while at that depth and catch up, or move to an easier dungeon for a while
  • Since you can't hang around and scum at a given depth, your chance of finding great gear should be lower right? I'm assuming fewer Coffee-Break players find late game rarities like Rings of Power, Bladeturner, Ringil, etc.

I play exclusively Coffee-Break and feel like I always run into a wall somewhere between DL 50-70. So I'm tempted to switch to Normal speed and see how the game changes when I can scum for a while, but the downside is I really don't like the Wilderness. There is a no-wilderness option, but there is a warning message that its intended for coffee-break mode only. Is it really unbalanced to play Normal speed game with no-wilderness, and if so, in what way?
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