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Therem Harth
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What I've learned so far

This is basically my compendium of advice to myself and other novices. Note that it's mostly early game right now, for probably obvious reasons.

Rule #0: Be Batman, not Superman.
@ is superhuman, but not invincible. Your character's power depends heavily on what is available to you, and even more heavily on how you use it.

1. Use your money to buy stuff.
In particular, buy Cure Light Wounds potions and Phase Door scrolls in bulk during the early game. Later you scan skim around the dungeon for stuff, early on you need to shop.

2. Use consumables.
Wands can dish out a lot of damage. Potions and scrolls can help you out of tight spots. Don't use these things with abandon, but don't be stingy or unwilling to rely on them, either. (And, in the early game, keep CLW potions around as backup at all times.)

3. Keep track of items that can be activated.
Item activations are usually pretty powerful. Keep tabs on what can activate for what, and make sure it's available when you might need it. e.g.
- Rings of Flame/Acid/etc. can activate for a powerful ball attack every 20-40 turns.
- Rings of Open Wounds can heal/cure every 50 turns or so.
- Artifacts usually take a while to recharge, but often have more powerful activations.

You might want to set up some macros to rest for set amounts of time, so that you can just hit <Tab> or whatever after a fight, and know that certain items will have recharged before the next one.

4. Never be afraid to run away.
Your character is waltzing into the sprawling underground fortress of a malevolent god. Discretion is definitely the better part of valor, here.
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5. Rockets
Glaurung, Father of the Dragons says, 'You cannot avoid the ballyhack.'
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