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How should this dwarf take the throne room?

So I'm pretty confident with stealth-ing the throne room, but not with melee. I'd feel a lot steadier with more healing but I'm not sure that the turn count isn't going to creep up too quick for me to collect much in extra consumables. Do I just try drinking quickness wacking Morgoth, cracking a sil & running? Grabbing song of slaying? (I have no rage herbs). I'm thinking I'll wear the galvorn armour but annoyingly it leaves me at 29.5lbs, where Nevrast cracks 75lbs of heavy armour. Lighter seems better for riposte & I need the str rings just to be carrying Nevrast...
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Those.. are some pretty awful stats for the throne room tbh. Never attempted it without 20/20 combat stats at the very least. Slaying is suicide without rage herbs; you need to kill the chaff faster than it can surround you in order not to get squashed by enemy surround bonuses. Maybe use the secret door and pray you can path out of there with a Sil before running out of healing supplies? You should still have some 5000 turns scumming before the descent tho iirc; pray to rngesus for Rage? I would say Whirlwind Attack but the rubble makes that moot.

It is a nice sword though. Bet you an internet you'll see Ringil dropping at '1000 but still; probably tops my boots of true speed (shortly before finding out mastery doesn't really work on red D's. I hate smithing.).
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If you have the patience, I might spend more time repeating 950' until you're forced down. Rage herbs and song of slaying would make things a fair bit easier, I think.
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Thanks. Turns out I had time to find a few rage herbs, also found a few things I hadn't killed yet which got me to hunter & a bit better melee/evasion. I'll see how it goes later when I have more time to play. If there's 500 more xp in the centre I may take crowd fighting to help with riposte.

Edit: Was pretty sketchy in then end, but he did manage 2 sils. Thanks again.
Edit 2: Oh, Shelob & Ungoliant slain but not seen, no wonder I couldn't see anything.

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