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Sky is on a distinguished road
also Paladin WIP 4.2.1

tempted by the overpowered ability to cast Slay Evil on MoD extra attacks, i will venture into 4.2 again.
I might grind, i might not. It depends.

Dunadan Paladin, randarts, selling on, 6 STR 6 DEX 3 WIS 5 CON, base starting stats:
STR 18, INT 9, WIS 16, DEX 17, CON 18/20, 1.6 blows.
WHich means i won't be using stat swap potions. ugh. which means i won't dive. Oh well.

Ok, so.
DL1 - dead to a floating eye.

let's try again.

DL1 - i kill an ant and hit CL2 - 33hp (noice!) i kill some more small stuff, boldly read a scroll .. the air around me starts to swirl. Oh well.

DL6 - i survive a blue centipeded and reach CL3, 45hp. Not bad. I then kill a snake and hit CL4, hp60. Another ant is happy to sacrifice itself for the cause and i reach CL5, 68hp.
A couple of snagas run up to me; being a dunedain, my to hit bonus is considerable, which means even with 1.6 blows i can kill them, but, i wouldn't be able to kill orcs without a better weapon. CL6, 74hp.
Snagas obviously always come in packs, i am forced to quaff a CLW, but eventually kill them all, CL7 86hp.
I stumble in the dark, and enter a room with a purple mushroom, and a louse; as you can imagine, i am quickly swamped by louses. I push through to grab a magical (+2,+4) sling, and decide i will return to town - no diving until i ID Spd. .

DL5 - more louses, and a bunch of paladins hold me in a corridor, forcing me ot phase. I get away though.
All that louse-killing has taken me to CL9, 96hp.

DL4, DL3 - more louses. Jeez.

i finally come to the surface and find out i have not ID any potions of speed yet; i have precious little gear, but decide nonetheless to return via recall.

DL6 - infested with - you guessed it - louses.

DL7 - i ID ?aggravate and it pays enough xp to put me to CL10, 104hp. rawr.

DL8 - i accidentally into a whole bunch of soldiers and healers, who all succumb to my magical sling and store-bought ammo, and drop me a lantern. CL11, 112hp.

DL9 - kill a "blacklock mage" which costs me a CSW, and a whole bunch of lemures, who eat into my CLW reserve. My payoff is a rapier (+5,+2) which isnt great but slightly raises my damage. LF7-2 do i decide to descend.

DL10 - LF3-2

DL11 - i get into serious trouble. A whole group of blindness-casting gnome mages, a couple of spiders, and even a umber hulk. Using the wisdom of my many years of experience, i cast recall and GTFO of there.
"i can take this dracolich"
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