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Pete Mack
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Shouldnt Metatron have a bright (blinding) light aura?
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Originally Posted by GrimaTheBold View Post
I'm trying one now - I liked the idea of Nature because it gives you both utility spells and offensive spells (and of course the High-Mage only gets one realm).

But looking at the spell set, I don't see how I can take down rBase monsters, such as Icky Queen or Gelatinous Cubes. Is this a build that needs to rely on melee - pick a hardier race, try to find a good weapon, maybe put some stat gains in STR instead of just INT?

Or is this just a bad idea? Would a Chaos High-Mage be a better combo (more lacking in utility, but better offense)?
Grav storm, ice bolt isn't till book 4 and while nice they aren't the greatest damage as far as late game nukes. Nature high-mage is still fine it just means you are dependant on melee/shooter/device. I'd aim for shooter early, device later and be on the lookout for sorceror's stone which activates for recharging.
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Any hints on instant-coffee mode? I tend to hit a wall at Angband 29, around XL 28, because the level guardian is too hard for me at that point (e.g., Implorington III, in my last game), DL 25 quests are too hard for me, and the experience and loot provided by the arena is too small to make a difference. It looks like recalling out of an Angband quest means you never get another shot at that level, so you'll only fall further behind the power curve. I've been playing green dragons with the lore domain.
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The level 25 quests, and especially the mimic quest, should be very doable by that point. Completing them ought to help a bit.

That said, instant-coffee is by far the least forgiving mode when it comes to bad luck with monsters or items. (It is, of course, also the fastest to try again in.)
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