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Yet another not-so-newbie FAAngband question

Quite surprisingly, my first High-Elf mage that got out of Gondolin is still alive and kicking, so I guess I graduated from newbie school. You can see it here. Mim was hard but doable. Glaurung was a pushover; a little earlier I had completely cleaned out a dragon themed level. Kavlax on the other hand... ouch.

My question is if there any reason to go down Tol-In-Gaurhoth (as I have started doing) or Nan Dungortheb? Or should I just go to Angband?

Any advice on my character is also welcomed. Although I have found some superb levels, either I could not storm them, or I fell victim to a misdisarmed trap that sent me falling down to the next level, or the drops have not been that stellar (missing +con for hps, esp, a decent weapon, etc).
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Just peek into Nan Dungortheb at least; it is not a dungeon like the others, it is well, Nan Dungortheb, a dark valley with lots of spider webs ...
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The main reason is to kill the guardians so Morgoth can't summon them; there's also a nice drop from the Nan Dungortheb guardian (Ungoliant).
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I find Tol-In-Gaurhoth to be a waste of time in my opinion since it is full of hounds. And I like most Band players hate hounds with a passion. They are annoying at best and deadly dangerous at the worse. Plus they don't drop treasure. Just not worth the effort. IMO.

Nan Dungortheb on the other hand is interesting and worth the visit. You will get a nice artifact for killing Ungoliant, but do be careful...Ungoliant's brood is quite scary. So I'd check that out for sure. Also if you have the Staff of Winds its pretty useful here: just make sure you don't shatter any potions on the ground. Seriously it has saved many a character...don't over look it.
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