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Originally Posted by nppangband View Post
I have also done a lot of work on the 32x32 tiles lately. Some of the tiles didn't quite match the monster they are being used for. For example:
Sounds great!! Where could I look at these tiles? These monsters also appear in many other Angband variants.
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I take it that you've found the files by now. If not, there are plenty of references to their location earlier in the thread. Hopefully my Mediafire account is still active, I haven't used it in years. I've replied to your email wiyh a little more detail, check your inbox.

Do what you will with the tilesets. I have no plans on reviving them. If anyone could give them a more permenant hosting/home here at oook so they aren't lost forever, that would be great. I lot of work went into them.

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BuzzKill, thank you very much for the answer, and for you permission to use and modify your tiles! <3 <3 <3

Sure I've found your UT32 at Mediafare, long ago. But here I asked the maintainer of NPPangband, who seemed to remake some tiles: all kobolds, nightmare, and other things. Either I somehow missed this work in UT32 (because I haven't checked all dvg.prf files for all monsters) - or he/she uploaded it somewhere else. Or nowhere.
Originally Posted by nppangband View Post
The nightmare creature is supposed to be a skeletal horse with fiery eyes, but the tile for it resembles a living bear-like creature standing on its hind legs.

The ettin is supposed to be a two headed troll, but the tile for both the ettin and skeletal ettin has only one head.

The kobolds all resemble large trolls, rather than the small dog-like creatures they are described as. I made tiles for all the player kobold race-class combinations, as well as all the kobold monsters.
I'd like very much to see these kobolds with dog heads!! )) I also attempted to make Nightmare as a skeleton mare, out of some horse tile... and failed. Seemed way too much work for an unfrequent monster who has already at least some tile. So this one I'd see too with an acute interest! ))
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