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FAangband idea

It would be great to have such player parameter as fatigue

We have towns with our houses, we have to eat some food to not allow starving from hunger... So we can be tired too

We can get more tired when using heavy armor.. when casting spells.. when travelling too long.. All this will allow you to better feel your character by adding additional role element.

As you can see - there are things to discuss

What do you think about it ?
Aurė entuluva!
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Pete Mack
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A few variants have it. It is mostly just tedious.
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Valheim characters have max stamina and health dependent on what you ate. Three active foods at the time. You will optimize for health at times and stamina at other times. Works well in a game with a lot of running and helps balance big weapons vs small. But also cooking becomes important, you won't find that tasty deer stew in the woods. You need to grow carrots and ... So there is potential, but a lot of coding for a mix of fun and tedium.

Maybe cooking restricted to a new class, chef?
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