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Bill Peterson
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Adopting some of Sil's combat mechanics would seem like a good idea. Angband's combat is pretty simplistic, beat on the monster or shoot something at it, teleport someone away if it gets out of hand. Plus a lot of healing devices. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Sil's combat derive somewhat from NPP, which was an Angband variant?

Since I'm liking Sil at the moment I could get with any Sil features that wouldn't break the "Angband" feeling. Singing and Smithing might make it more like the A-list RPGs.

Monsters getting smarter may not be so good, Angband's hordes of monsters is offset by many of them being weak, speedbumps as I call them.
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For me the O/FA-style specialties would be a better fit for V then Sil-like abilities. I believe Nick actually added the framework for it when he was doing FA 2.0, something like the "listen" skill could also be viable, pretty sure Sil took that from Sangband, it looks quite similar down to * being used for unidentified monsters.
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Im tending towards "nothing". Sil has a beautifully crafted and concise system, but thats something you get when you build from scratch. Vanilla, in contrast, is an unruly tree stump and moulding in some of Sil's features wont make it less so.
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