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Educated redneck
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How useful is stealth?

I have a L50 swordsman w max antimagic and max stealth, sacrificing archery for stealth.

How useful is stealth? It seems limited use bc one monster wakes up then a bunch wake up.

I've slowed movement down too, that helps but not enough.

Aule worshippers in Theme can get legendary 100+ stealth with items and not putting any points into it. LOL, but they're sooooo OP it's hilarious. Insane, luck, insane on every skill, one hit any monster....

I did an Aule worshipping dark elf for kicks but never won bc she was too OP.

Anyway, thoughts on normal stealth please?
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I believe stealth is capped somewhere, making point investment a waste if you get enough from equipment anyway. In any case, unlike in vanilla monsters always seemed to wake up no matter how much stealth I had.
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Not only is stealth capped, tactics are applied after that cap. So berserker/running tactics will always make you loud and unstealthy even if you have high Stealth skill and item bonuses etc.
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