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Originally Posted by Big Al View Post
Also just thought of another idea: a series of mini-competitions that last only a few days or a week each. The point of these would be to accomplish some specific task: for example they would be given a savefile with a certain unique on the level, and you have to kill that unique in the fewest turns. Or you need to retrieve a certain item from a vault. The players would be limited to the kit they are given (or can find on the level), because they wouldn't be allowed to leave the level. Perhaps give them an odd set of equipment and make the players deal with what they have. Would this be fun?
I like it, but I don't know how many others will. I think that the simple fact that you can't scum will irritate quite a few.
Upon reading your post, I immediately thought of Worms (Worms 2/Armageddon), the PC game (which I happen to play a lot). It's a slightly different take on your idea, but I frequently limit commonly used weapons, and power-up the lesser used, so that I will be forced to learn how to play, and win, the game without them. Else I would have to take the time to build a more familiar kit. Without the luxury of time, in this turn count competition, they will likely have to use the starting kit to some degree.

This is the problem I forsee. Given that you are not allowed to leave the level, the game becomes very static and a lot less random, and random dungeon generation is the very heart of Angband. A great deal could be learned from your early failed/sucessful attempts because the dungeon design and creature/object placement wouldn't change from game to game.
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