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YAWP - RNG feeling stingy with Mordenkainen's

Dump link

So, first of all, my first mage win. I really liked this class. Getting that 0% spell failure rates makes things so much simpler than playing ranger and praying that your ammo doesn't break.

Some highlights:

b) the Light Crossbow of Sildur (x3) (+13,+16) <+4>
     Dropped by Golfimbul, the Hill Orc Chief at 1850 feet (level 37)
     +4 intelligence.
     Provides resistance to acid, poison gas.
     Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
     Prevents paralysis.  Grants telepathy.
Probably the best stat-stick ranged weapon that I could've hoped for, although...
k) the Long Bow of Erirn (x3) (+6,+29) <+2>
     Found lying on the floor in a vault at 3750 feet (level 75)
     +2 dexterity.
     +2 constitution.
     +2 speed.
     +2 shooting speed.
     Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.
     Prevents paralysis.  
     When activated, it creates random and unpredictable effects.
     Takes 292 to 324 turns to recharge at your current speed.
     Your chance of success is 98.1%
...this was a close second

Speaking of weapons:
j) a Mace of Disruption of Extra Attacks (5d8) (+17,+17) <+2> {!k}
     Found lying on the floor at 4850 feet (level 97)
     +2 attack speed.
     Slays undead.
     Combat info:
     6.0 blows/round.
     Average damage/round: 693.6 vs. undead, and 364.2 vs. others.
That damage vs. undead! Hell, even just that damage vs. others! A bit of a shame that I didn't get too much use out of this due to how late I got it, but it did at least let me chew through an ainur pit without any problems, and it even cleaned up a few stragglers from a graveyard that I didn't quite catch in my mass banish.

f) the Arkenstone of Aranel <+4>
     Found lying on the floor in a vault at 3750 feet (level 75)
     +4 constitution.
     Provides resistance to frost, nether.
     Cannot be harmed by fire.
     Radius 4 light.
I might never find a better light

    107471   3900'  Found the Leather Shield of Elethron (LOST)
    107682   3900'  Killed Atlas, the Titan
    107682   3900'  Reached level 42
    108115   3900'  Killed Draugluin, Sire of All Werewolves
    108337   3900'  Killed Radagast the Brown
    108773   3900'  Killed OssŽ, Herald of Ulmo
    109576   3900'  Killed Ariel, Queen of Air
There was actually a nice greater vault at 3900' with Maeglin, Drauglin, and Radagast in it. TO'ed them all away while looting it, but Maeglin was persistent in wanting to come back, so I figured that I might as well fight him since I had Raal's and a huge pile of !CCW. I got him down to around 20% when he summoned Atlas, who trampled him away . I really don't understand how that works, because Maeglin is quite some levels higher than Atlas, but oh well (on the other hand, I found out in an earlier vault that Maeglin couldn't trample Glaurang, so I shouldn't have been so surprised about it, I guess).

Incidentally, I also had Kelek's at the time (but neither Tenser's nor Mordenkainen's, of course ), and rend soul was quite nice for Radagast (though honestly, while all of the maiar uniques are scary, I have more respect for Osse and Arien than for Radagast).

    114612   4100'  Killed Qlzqqlzuup, the Emperor Quylthulg
    114938   4100'  Killed Maeglin, the Traitor of Gondolin
    116088   4100'  Killed The Witch-King of Angmar
    116088   4100'  Reached level 44
Qlzqqlzuup spawned in a hockey-sticked position, so that was some easy XP. Maeglin did the thing again where I got him down to almost being dead before he summoned uniques, but fortunately, he only drew the Witch-King this time around, who was nice enough to stay punted to the other side of the level until I was ready for him.

    130942   4450'  Killed Fundin Bluecloak
    131860   4450'  Killed Carcharoth, the Jaws of Thirst
    132402   4450'  Killed Glaurung, Father of the Dragons
    132424   4450'  Found the Long Bow of Alenna (LOST)
    132433   4450'  Found the Lead-Filled Mace of Ephele (LOST)
    133046   4450'  Killed Ungoliant, the Unlight
A noteworthy level for two reasons. First, that was a pretty nasty vault to spawn those four uniques. Second, see that line about killing Glaurang? That was a special moment because that was what FINALLY got the RNG to give me Mordenkainen's Escapes .

    143104   4800'  Killed The Tarrasque
This was probably a risky thing to fight, and it was definitely a very risky time to try fighting it . Still, my previous winner had killed all of the uniques except for the Mouth of Sauron and the Tarrasque, and since I got the Mouth earlier with this character, I was compelled to fight the Tarrasque as well. Mind you, I ran away from it on like three or four earlier levels. I take some risks, but I'm not COMPLETELY stupid about them

    147349   5000'  Killed Morgoth, Lord of Darkness
Despite having about 30% less max HP, this was a much less stressful Morgoth fight than I had with my previous winner, due to having Kelek's instead of needing to rely on scrolls to control Morgoth's summoning habits. I also blew up all 4 of my wands of annihilation over the course of the fight, but frankly, I was just using them to save from spending the MP for chaos strikes (I think it was about 275 damage with the wands vs. about 320 average damage with chaos strike). However, I did almost have a heart attack at one moment when Morgorth somehow doubleturned me despite my having +39 speed (with haste on). Fortunately, while he did do a mana storm, his other action was just a nether bolt, and I survived the combination with about 100 HP to spare.
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Timo Pietilš
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Originally Posted by Bowman View Post
k) the Long Bow of Erirn (x3) (+6,+29) <+2>
     +2 shooting speed.
Two extra shots with +29 to_dam? That's 29*3*3 = 261 before even considering arrow damages/slays.

That's endgame weapon.
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Oh, yes, that bow was certainly a good killy weapon, and it was the main reason why I had some arrows of slay evil back in my house. Unfortunately, my chance of actually hitting stuff with it seemed to be pretty awful, which is why I didn't use it more. In retrospect, I should've at least taken the arrows along for the Morgoth fight and gotten whatever damage out of them that I could, but things worked out well enough in the end.

In further retrospect, I should've taken along the various bolts of acid that I had in the home for the Sauron fight, too, but that just completely slipped my mind before I went down to dl99, and no matter how hard I slapped my forehead after remembering that, I couldn't get back to town because of forced descent
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