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Making the game harder, take three

So, I've been thinking on and off for a long time about object flags. In fact I have an essay all ready for the angband-dev blog when I manage not to balls up the registration. It started when takk said he would remove ring brands as a temporary fix to them being overpowered. I thought, hey, what if the brand was only temporary, part of the activation (along with the temp resistance and the ball spell). Not only would that limit the duration of the brand, but the extra turn to activate it creates some additional tactical overhead that the permanent brand doesn't have.

But then I started getting really EMFH, inspired by Eddie's thread about acid and armour. If we're going to the trouble of temporary flags (and I'm not saying we are, but the gory details are in the essay and my recommendation is that we should), there's no reason that all temporary flags have to be additions ....

... when ?restore_item was introduced it immediately elicited complaints that disenchantment was effectively nerfed, no longer a concern. But what if disen were expanded - instead of just affecting +hit/+dam/+ac, that it could remove *any* property from an object? So your cap of ESP just lost, er, the ESP flag ...

Is that the sort of challenge that seems interesting, or just annoying? Before your knee hits the keyboard, think about the number of disenchanters who breathed on or hit your last character ... most of my characters die before that number hits double figures, so it's not as if we're talking about changing something very common.
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