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Therem Harth
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Idea: copying spells to equipment items

Yes, this is one of those silly ideas pioneered by ToME 2. But I still think it would be interesting to have in V, or a similar single-dungion variant.

In T2, some equippable items (mostly ego or artifact) have the SPELL_CONTAIN flag. You can copy a spell onto such an item; chuck the spellbook; and cast it from the item instead, if said item is wielded.

So you can have stuff like a Mage Staff [Manathrust], or a Dwarven Lantern of the Magi [Sense Monsters], etc.

The question in my mind is, what subset of items could handle this, in a way that's not totally unbalanced? It'd be nice to have e.g. gauntlets of Orb of Draining; but I don't think casters should be able to just throw out all their books.

Then again, maybe they should? It'd be interesting to have e.g. a "gimmick rogue", with a limited subset of spells always at the ready.


Alternatively, a variant idea: spells cannot be cast from books, and must be transcribed to an appropriate item to be usable.

And maybe furthermore: once an item has a spell on it, you can't change or remove the spell.

Hmm. I will have to do some code diving.
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