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Originally Posted by rhutson View Post
As for the 28 bit limitation, that can now be safely and trivially bumped up to a more classic 31 bit limitation. If it is really an issue, email me, and I'll email you back some diffs. But any major rewrite of known working code in such a vital section of the game for no obvious reason would be an ill-advised waste of time.
Funnily enough, my interest in this was only tangential and coincidental to replacing the (really, really old) RNG in the ToME 2.x codebase. I've replaced it with a PCG family RNG which gives me a standard C++ interface which means i also get randnor() without any 'weird' tables, etc. It's all good from my perspective .

I mostly wanted the replacement for the same somewhat perverse reasons as yourself, but I also want to reduce the amount of "in-house" code and since PCG is a header-only implementation, it's completely trivial to include it.

(I haven't yet pushed this to the public GH repo. I should probably start gathering commits to push...)
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