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@Nick: I believe it was with the Dec 10th version.

Well, that was fun. I used the create door/LOS trick on Morgoth with seeker holy might arrows. I was only doing 371 a round before buffs, but I'd get in 6 to 8 shots before TOing him away and waiting for him to return to redo the shenanigans and pickup the arrows. I think arrows accounted for about 55% overall damage.

I did a fair bit of meleeing in the beginning and finished him off in melee, too, but as I am wont to do, I forgot the ?RoPs, the ?Banishments and the ?Mass banishments. All in all, found some decent rings but no crazy good gear. In order to make the 30 speed minimum, I had to go into the fight with a few holes in the IBA set, such as pConf and rPois in order to keep CON up (I never maxed out on that stat) and to ensure bodykeeping. Didn't seem to matter, much, though. I don't think M confused me more than once or twice max.

I was doing 525 vs evil against Sauron in melee and 513 vs evil against Morgoth in melee with an artifact rapier (6d6) picked up on DL88. So that is right about where it's supposed to be. I used several hundred turns bringing its damage up from +11 to +14. One of the rings I had had +1 extra attacks and good stats. I had good stats on a couple of pieces of gear. Finally got some alchemist gloves of power dropped by Sauron but only (+4, +1). Suppose I could have kept the other gloves I was wearing against Sauron with +2 INT (+8, +5) and elec immunity, but decided I wanted good SP for the final fight.

I dropped my two rods of TO so I could bring an xp achieving swap weapon and a swap cloak in case I wanted rPois, and also a million wounding arrows the dungeon gave me late in the game, but I never needed since the 30 holymight arrows never got destroyed by M shenanigans thanks to door/LOS exploit trick, and phasing away whenever things got out of hand.

I spent the entire game after DL36 between +8 and +11 native speed (depending on overburdening) and I believe I was +10 speed against Sauron, but had enough SP to keep myself hasted. During the endgame a good scythe of *slay Demon*, Undead, poison brand (700) allowed me to gain XP without problems despite only having okay speed. (Was doing 1000 to demons). Fire immunity in a bow swap also meant I could easily take on greater balrogs with the scythe.

Once again I collected !Speeds and never used them once my SP reached about 80 around DL40something.

Picking up early the absolute best ego boots in the game sure did make things run smoothly, though. The game took a breezy 43.5k turns. Seems my games have taken that number of turns on numerous occasions, but don't think I've ever done it in less than 43k.

It was nice being dropped two or three !Lifes from M summons after TOing M and his nasty Uniques away between missile sessions. Once again M only Summoned the very top Uniques and greater Undead/greater/greatest Dragons.

After the melee session where he brought my INT and WIS quite a ways down, I was debating using one of my !Lifes when I came up an !*Enlightenment* in the room I ended up setting up door/archery shop in. Definitely the only time I've used that potion and it was even remotely meaningful: restoring my INT and WIS (the only two stats I had down) and showing me where M was so I could setup for my first door/LOS missile trial on him.

I started crash diving at 28,800 turns on DL44 once I got rPois, a rod of TO and telepathy cloak. I went from DL44 to DL91 in around 8,700 turns and went from CL32 to CL38 in that time, and didn't have any troubles along the way, just picking my fights, picking up drops and stuff off the floor/vaults. Halfway through the fight with M I reached CL48.


EDIT: Was dropped another Telepathy weapon on DL16; a good one, too! Slay orc rapier (+4, +8) <+2> DEX. Very strange, seeing as telepathy weapons are very rare at all depths, let alone DL16, yet this is the third one found at this depth in last two games.

So I bought some bolts of frost and a crossbow since I already have bolts of slay animal in my possession though I was rocking a sling (+6, +5). Guardian naga, boom, 3 shots, dead. 4 headed hydra; your bolt missed, your bolt missed your bolt missed, you're almost dead. ?phase. Your bolts miss your bolts miss, you're almost dead. ?phase. White wolves are eating you, you're almost dead. !CSW, still almost dead as white wolves from all sides continue to feast on your scantily clad tender frame. ?Phase. You have four more ?blessings, the defeating sound of bolts hitting nothing fill your ears, your bolts miss, your bolt missed, the Hydra is on you again, you're almost dead. FINALLY, the bolt sends Hydra running scared (had the bolt missed again, woulda been a lousy scenario for feable little @). Angband is more fun playing on the edge, but really, do I want to throw away nice early ESP character? It's actually not why I keep shooting when the Hydra is on me. I only get so many rounds before he gets to me, and I feel like phasing all over the place every two shots would be more aggravating to me, then hopefully having the darn bolts actually hit. But, yeah, being taken down to 8 health wasn't really part of the game plan. I guess finding any/ kind of body armor by now would be good, this being DL20 and 11,000 turns in.

You see a gnarled staff. The Druid looks confused. The druid shoots a bolt of lightning at you with perfect aim. Just how confused is this druid? The druid fails to cast a spell <3X>. Is that his confusion or my 39% saving throw causing him to fail?

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Originally Posted by Grotug View Post
You see a gnarled staff. The Druid looks confused. The druid shoots a bolt of lightning at you with perfect aim. Just how confused is this druid? The druid fails to cast a spell <3X>. Is that his confusion or my 39% saving throw causing him to fail?
Saving throws lead to messages like "You resist the effect!". If the monster fails to cast, that's on them, not you.
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Ahh! Thank you!
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