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Moving Pictures
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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Lovely little Flowers for Algernon aside. LOL
Nexus attack (hound? Vortex) scrambled to like, 18/10 int, 18 wis. Seemed appropriate.
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Moving Pictures
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Posts: 191
Moving Pictures is on a distinguished road
Level 31 (4- 5 ): Dumb dog sent me to a new floor. But that ok, because after kill vampire, find two poshuns of makestrong. Drink. Feel like killing macheen. Big worry is lack of stones, bolts for crossbow. Also find third poshun of makestrong, rod that spits sparks, ring that do same. Now can use mace of bonk orc three times per turn and hurt many. But nothing to bonk, so find stairs and go down. Now at levul 28, 292.

Level 32 (5-2): Maybe this place finally going give me something. Ran into spook worm that makeweak like vampire, burnjuiced my sheild and cap. Then found poshun that made better what makeweak did.
Got into nasty fite with ogres, trolls. Had to use one getaway paper. Healed up, returned, got samwiched in corridor. Big dance, use wand sparks, drink poshun, wand sparks, drink poshun. Dicey. Trying not to use gonearby papers, but used makefast potion, wich gave enuff time to drink poshun and use wand of sparks, rod of sparks. This problem with no rocks for sling: alll fiting done up front and hurtme like. Was resting in troll room, when white worms come at me. So flee, but pick up wand. Figure worms safe to test wand on, fire at one, and worms go away. That, i think, reallyy useful. Just have to figure out how. Now kinda feel gud, want kill more, so hurry to stairs and go down.

Level 33 (6-7): Gut feelings right. Luck turning. Find big longsword of slay demon and orc: this is more like a real weppun. Also makes head work better. Sword is outside place that has lots of trezzur, according to magic rod, so I drink thinkbig potion that show what there. Dragon armur, strange rings. Poke about, find nice sheild with runes against fire, spark, cold, burnjuice. If had beer, would drink. Make happy. I beat up on this super fast Mim guy, and he have enuff weapons to supply army, but none as good as one already using. Wish I could be fast like him.
Decide try big room with trezzur. Find back way into it, but greeters mad. Floating eyeball thing, and a spook that messes with my mind. Drink poshion to see spook. Bunch of nasties lined up in hall coming at me, so use rods of lightning, ring of lightning, rods of frost bolts, and a few iron balls. One drops a rod, try it, it make big ball of lightning. I keep. Then out comes guy in red robe, all mean and undead. I think it big lich. Now I think about it, I am certain. I make him go away, not ready for that. Then I play a deadly game with chasers, lure them down hallway, zap-blast with rods, then mow down wounded with sword. Do this a few times. One of those curvy-sword makeweak poison guys attacks me. He dies in a swirl of sparks. Not all magic is bad.
Last there are orcs. I test new sword on my half-kin, sword wins. Killed an angel-looking thing, some trolls, and a few ogres. Find nice cloke, better than mine, and it’s good for my head. Find bolts for crossbow. Drink poshun that make better dancy-dodgy. Find crown with magics, better than burnjuiced cap, so use that. I might look stupid, sure, but any who see me want to kill me, so what. Worry now is goaway papers. Not many left. Down to four. Must find more. Think about finding undead guy, but something change in head, say not good. If I had a way of seeing beyond lamp, I might. It seems if I have just some space, I do better. So find stairs, go down. Now levul 29, 297 smakme points.
Big find: longsword ‘Hebrelen’, (6d5) (+13,+13) [3] +3 wis, rPois, slay orc, demon.
Fur cloak of the Magi (3,+17) +2 Int, +3 Stealth, pStun, sustain Int.

Level 34 (4- 4): Another set of caves. A ghost scares me. I drink the last of my poshuns of good seeing, and kill it with an iron ball. It gifts staff of going away. Great! Also find ring of see unseen. Ditch potions of not freeze to make room. Find staff, make it work, it show me what evil creatures are nearby. That save life, because some big nasty shapeshifty bear guy just around corner. Knowing this, I go slow, and plan to use rods, rings and stuff. It works, but another goaway paper is lost, leaving me with three. Rest of area boring, so I find stairs.

Level 35 (5-2): I now got way of starting out. Put map in head, put trezzur in head. Also tried staff of detect peeple trying to kill me. That help me plan for trolls around corner. Killed another angel, who not so angelic. Changed to crossbow, just in time. Wight ate couple bolts of slay undead, never touched me. Find ring of ice, change out ring of lightning, since already have rods of lightning.
Magic saves my butt. Got in over my head beating up on a couple big ogres. Knew one was a big guy, but mistakenly zapped a minor chief with various lightning and ice, only to end up going to-to-toe with a guy who is six times the fiter I am. Had to use staff of save my butt to avoid death, rest up. Now going to go back in. Wish me luck.
I get real lucky. Using rods of makelight, I poke about, and just happen to turn corner into long halllway and use light and there is big ogre I can’t beat to-to-toe. Not feel guilty about long-range magic-zaps. These guys alway fite unfair, with three, eight, many to just little old me.
Eat magic lightning, ogrebreth. He tuff. End up having to use armur to heal after another magic paper to go nearby. Magic did squat, had to kill him old fashun way. Nothing useful on him, either.
Place has bad sense of hahhah. Kill wizard, he have ring of resist poison. Where that 20 levels back? There nasty hounds that bounce me all over, I run like child for stairs.

Level 36: (7-7): Ambushing buncha fire ants takes me to levul 30. God hates me, cuz only got 2 more smakme points, and that’s seven in two bumps. Then not one but two 11-headed hydras wanna play tag. They take me into holycrapthathurts in a hurry, and that after armur make me all better from their scorchies. I’m mangled, they fine, as I got off was two frost bolts. Have three choices, one of which is die. Other is try to use wand of goaway on both. Third is use staff of goaway on self, choose that one. I land near another room, where rod say much trezzur, but staff say much evil (ancient black dragon, elf wizard, gold dragon.) I think on it, while wanduring around. I find other little set of rooms, blocked in by rock. This ok. At cost of no poshuns or papers, manage to clear all three mini-rooms. Rewarded with another staff of goaway and staff of detect nasty. With two goaway staffs, which give 13 chances to flee like small child, thinking now ok to crack open wall and see what nasties. Might plan on using wand to send ancient black for vacashun. First try at small room. Wise choice. Killed feeble fiter, found pendant that boosts strength and intelligence. Resists fear, chaos. Also rune of makeslow others.
Will explore rest of floor, think about cracking open room with nasty dragon. Maybe find something to help, like potion of makefast. I do that, but the more I think, there are two 11-headed hyrdas wanting to kill me at one end of this place, and a room with a dragon I haven’t faced before that probly spits burnjuice by the bucketload. Maybe some other horror there, like hydras, which detect nasty staff didn’t detect. Nope. I think best to be happy with what I gots, move on.
Big find: Pendant of Arahis. +3 STR, +4 INT, +2 infra. Rfire rCold, rChaos, pFear. Feather, regen. Slows alll non-uniques in sight, activation recycles 57-63 turns.
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Moving Pictures
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Posts: 191
Moving Pictures is on a distinguished road
Level 37 (6-5): Thinking not smart to ditch ring of trapfindy. With new pendant on, and old trapfindy amlet gone, more problems with traps. Also thinking must make choice on crossbow or sling. Too much to lug both.
Find iron helm that just better than goofy crown, so replace.
Then I spend lots of time being chased by slow mountain of rock. I try fiting it, but it’s rock, and crossbow bolds to little and sword blows even less. Fists of rock against half-orc, do much. So I led it through the floor, eventually lost it. Found another wand of stone-to-mud, which made me think .... tangled with elephunt people, and won – after using ring of fleeing to, well, flee. Never did find big rock mountain thing. Did find another amulet, this one with a make-sick brand on it, like, that my sword blows would makesick. Thing is, current pendant make for more hurt than sword plus makesick pendant. Will keep makesick pendant, just in case.
Killed multihued adult dragon, after slowing it wiht new pendant. It guarded rocks for sling, so made me rethink ditching sling. Running into problems with carrying stuff. Dropped staff of curing.
Now level 31, 311 smakme points. Got bored, found stairs, and left.

Level 40 (7-5): Yike. Land on new level. Go through usual process. Find map, find trezzur, find evil. Find lots of evil. Wights everywhere. Zombies, skelytons, that sort of thing. Wish me luck.
OK, so first wave wasn’t bad. Couple soul-sucks from wights, but mostly able to keep soul-suckers at a distance. Real glad I kept sling, since I ran out of bolts for crossbow. Just when I’m feeling safe, some invisible thing mugs me. Put on ring as it smacks the crap out of me. Ren the unclean. He look nasty, one more hit and I’m done, so use staff of getaway. Think smart to keep ring of see unseen on, at least for this floor.
That prove smart. I land, he follow. I go away, he follow. Think it might be wise to fite way to nearest stairway down and let this one go by.
One more time, he track me down. I slow him, but my best shot not hurt him much. Then he blast me to land of hurt. I go away, not come back. Find stairs, running like child, but live another level.

Level 41 (4-4): Longing for days of makesick, makeweak wobbly fites. Now, I run from things that nearly kill me, only to have them chase again. Like fox in bigsnob hunt. Except bigsnobs not old, multi-coloured dragons poofed in from trap. Same dragon scorch, stinkgas, lightning. Not keen to fiind stairs and run, since not ready for Morgoth. Heck, not ready for this dragon. Need help. Big help. Not sure who gonna listen to calls for help, but this place make for religion. Use runaway staff five times. Not sure how badbreth dragon keep find me. Screw this, gonna go down stairs.

Level 42 (5-4): Nearing end of options. Weird scramble-head vortex send me to room of floating eyes that suck life, suck energy from goaway staff. Use goaway staff, land in room with nasty wizard, nasty dragons. Use goaway staff, end up repeating cycle. Can’t fite any of these things. Too weak, too slow. Think end iis near. Now have four charges left in goaway staff. Need way big help now.
No clue how still alive. Something sent me to room with floating eyes. Charges gone from goaway wand, goaway staff. Papers of gonearby help little, but help just enough to let me drink poshuns of waybetter. No papers of gonearby left. Problem – way I ran is wrong way. Must run wall of floating eyes to get to stairs. No other option: must chug potion of gofast, and run through, hope to make to other side and find stairs. Eyes sucked cloke magic. List of what not sucked shorter than list of what was. Sword weaker, armur wearker, shield near useless.

{Editor’s note... the following diary was found, scorched and etched with acid, on level 43. It is not known how the owner died.]
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