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Sangband 1.02 questions

I am playing Sangband 1.02 and have some questions.

1. When can I take the oath of iron? I have conflicting information on this. Is it at skill lvl. 25 or 40 or 45? I am looking forward to being able to use more weight when dual wielding and/or getting extra blows.

2. Is my magic device usage reduced by 33% in effectiveness if I take the oath of iron? Does this just mean my spells from devices are 33% less effective, but high skills help me actually use magic devices properly, recharge them, etc.?

3. Is it better for me to use a shooting skill instead? Ammo can be expensive, and it would be hard to practice enough to get a high skill due to expensive ammo. Should I take shooting after getting other combat skills up and making enough $ to afford ammo? Or should I get the weapon making skill to make ammo and just use wands of confusion/slow monster, etc.? Using a rod of slow monster wouldn't train my devices skill, though.

4. I took the armour forging ability and the infusion ability. How do I get resists on forged items? It is just a blank screen with no options to add resistances. I assume I need higher than copper material. Or do I need really high skill in armour making? Please don't tell me EXACTLY how high I need armour making.

5. Is it necessary to kill blue jellies for cold essences? How much of an impact would a +2 awareness amulet have on my ability to find essences?

6. I am playing a dwarf right now and use no artificial light source. I am currently on dungeon lvl. 5. How soon will I need a light source?

7. How do I tell if an item is an ego item? If my perception is too low, will I miss out because it will say "good" items only and not excellent? If I sell them to the store, will they then be fully identified?

8. How can I tell what options I set for artifacts in my birth options mid-way through the game?

9. At 1250' I read I need "basic" resists - but which ones: electric, cold, fire, acid?

10. How high can I enchant armour/weapons with basic and *enchant* scrolls?

11. Does depth affect the chance of getting ego items?

12. Is the "deadliness" value on my character sheet just for missiles? I noticed it doesn't change when I switch weapons. How do I get it to 200% when it is currently at 18%?

13. What is the depth at which I gain stat potions?

Sorry for all the questions.


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Do shops carry less good equipment if I don't invest money or buy stuff for a long period of time? There was at one point some decent armour in the shop, but now it seems like it has gone downhill. Perhaps I am just unlucky?


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Ok, it's been a while, but
1) 25.
2) This will affect success rate and efficacy.
4) Your skill needs to be higher
5) You can collect the essences off the ground; monsters and items can cause them to be generated.
6) I would start carrying one, even if I don't regularly use it. There are cold blooded monsters. You can light/unlight it with the '(' command, IIRC.
7) Identify or have sufficient perception. With low perception, they will show up as 'good'. Everything in a store is IDed.
9) Basic = those 4. There are no "hard" requirements, however.
10) +9 or +10 is about as high as it goes.
11) Yes, significantly better items will appear deeper in the dugeon.
12) Higher strength and better deadliness stat (the part after the comma for weapons)
13) Uncommonly at 25, commonly at 45.
14) Must just be unlucky. The average quality only improves with time/investment.
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Thanks for the info.

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