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how long are your gaming sessions?

the question here, "how long do you play for" is because i'm trying to find how long you can keep focused, before you start to play badly.

mind you, i'm pretty darn good in some other games i play, like Quake, or BLR, and after i get to a certain point of tiredness, my skill drops dramatically.

now that i'm playing mage, i find i have to incessantly tell myself to not charge into the mobs and i have to remind myself that i can't afford to think "oh it's just a INSERT MOB NAME, i can easily melee it".

it's the third time in 3 dungeon levels that i meet Nar, the Dwarf, and all three times i'm in a situation where i cannot kill it - because i'm out of mana, or there's mobs near by, or he's too close and i dont have any scrolls of phase. But boy, i do i want to kill him.

I find that i can't really play for more than an hour, maybe 1 1/2 at most, before i start doing idiotic stuff, like forgetting i have activations (those rings of acid are finally useful), or using my last 6 mana for magic missiles instead of teleport.
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My PosChengband runs range from one hour to a couple hours in one sitting. How well do I maintain my focus?...I'd think my focus is in tune for even as long as 2 1/2 hours straight literally. I can still keep going after that. But after maybe 4 or 5 hours, I start messing up.
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I have no problem with focusing on the game but the contrary, remembering a have a real life that needs attention too

I almost always play mages, so I don't have your problem. I probably played warriors only 4-5 times in total.
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playing time

I usually do not start playing if i know i have to cut within the next hour. I would guess my gaming sessions range from 1 hour to whole day. And i agree if the tiredness factor is getting too big then you do things which endanger @. But if i am in good form i can play 10h without pause with no realy problem.
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I have discovered that the ring of escaping is the best thing ever.

Because .. not the +4 speed, but the fact that it stops you from accidentally meleeing mobs - AKA suicide.
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Maybe you should play fewer mages.
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Is there a "prevent attack" or "confirm before attack" weapon inscription? There is a "confirm before run/walk", so it looks like it could be possible...
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Pete Mack
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It's possible--you'd need to add a check to player movement when there's a monster.
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