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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Requiring black market prices is a start. The trouble is that great items are guaranteed this way, not nust a lucky find, and only available once, whether or not you have the money at the time. Even stat potions can be cached, and bought at leisure.

Don't want to derail this topic into MAngband discussion, as the question was about V rods, but if anyone's interested (and I think it's pretty interesting how V translates into multi-player environment), here's what we do in terms of cheez:

1. Servers have rules. You can run your own server with any amount of cheeze you want, but the "official" servers simply discourage that.
2. Simply giving stuff to other players is discouraged, there's logging and audit mechanism.
3. If you want to trade with other players, you should use shops (we also have player-run shops, with BM prices, like Pete Mack imagined).
4. But if you party together, it's feasible that the gear is distributed among the party, DnD style, and we feel it's fine.
5. Artifacts can't be dropped above their base depth, meaning you need to dive together for a simple trade, that's a pretty cool safeguard.
6. Lastly, but very importantly: the regular V mechanics do work on their own! Giving stuff to newbies most likely leads to that stuff being lost when they die, plain and simple

(The game has been running for about 20 years now, so we're pretty familiar with most of the caveats. It's those damn rods, that bugger me!)
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Originally Posted by Flambard View Post
Thanks for the clarifications, I'm not too good at reading char dumps.

Grotug, I guess this dump has something to do with the topic at hand... PowerWyrm, could you maybe clarify?
This was a char with a challenge of winning with a mage by using devices without ever equipping an ego or artifact item. Basically:

- early game you have your big dice weapon, a shooter and some crap wands
- mid game you use stacks of rods (fire/frost/lightning/acid bolt) and activatable items (DSM, rings of acid/lightning/flames/ice)
- end game you use wands of drain life/annihilation


1) 10 White Gold Rods of Teleport Other (5 charging) {!d, ignore}

Notice the inscription... this means I have these rods "ignored" because 10 are enough to give an infinite supply of TO, which makes the game trivial

2) 23 Copper-Plated Wands of Annihilation (2 charges)

IIRC MAngband has the "safe recharge" feature, which means in theory I only need ONE of these and recharge it forever. Makes any rod pointless at this point, since there's nothing that can compete with Annihilation.
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Pete Mack
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10 rods of TO is nowhere near enough to give continuous charges. You would need close to 90 at speed 30. I suspect he stopped picking them up because of the weight.
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