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Question About Save Scumming

Perhaps somebody can help me with a question. When I am in the middle of a game of Angband, sometimes I like to transfer the character back and forth between my desktop and my laptop (I would prefer to play on my desktop but sometimes it's more convenient to play on my laptop instead). I just cut and paste the entire angband folder onto a flash drive and and then cut and paste it to my other machine. By doing this, would this somehow trick the computer into thinking it's save scumming (ie. not give me a victory if I win)? I'm not sure how it works, and whether the character's progress is somehow tracked outside of the angband directory.
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Save Scumming isn't detected, it is really just an 'on your honor' situation.
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You can play right off the flash drive, no need to copy and paste, at least on Windows.
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Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
You can play right off the flash drive, no need to copy and paste, at least on Windows.
Or you can copy the whole directory structure once and then just transfer savefile between the two machines by any means you want:

The only really installation-specific files are angband.ini at the root of the installation (determines the positions and fonts of the term windows), any keymaps or other stuff you have done in /lib/user, scorefile in /lib/apex and savefiles in /lib/save. Anything else doesn't change unless you deliberately change them.
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