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merging two lore.txt files

hi all

i hope this is the right place to post this.

i play angband on more than one device - my home PC and my laptop. i have have angband saved on google drive and run it from there and that works fine. i have google drive installed on those two devices and load it up from windows explorer. so far, so good.

a little while ago i started to play on my work laptop because i am occasionally away from my home devices. i am unable to install google drive on my work device (because work rules) so i copied the entire angband directory structure onto my laptop drive. whenever i play on my work laptop, i copy the save file from my google drive (using my browser) to my work laptop drive and fire the game up. when i have finished playing, i copy the save file back from my laptop drive to my google drive (once again using the browser). so far, so good.

after playing like this for a while i noticed that the unique monster list when playing on my work laptop was different to the one when playing off google drive. i have now realised that the monster knowledge info is not saved to the save file, but rather to lore.txt (i think).

is there a way to merge the two lore.txt files into one so that i can get my complete monster info? i looked for a while in the github and just got overwhelmed. i noticed there is a line in lore.txt for each monster - counts:93:0:1:0:127:0:0 (for example), which i think might have something to do with it... but it is beyond my skill to know how to merge these.

i very much would like my moster knowledge to be complete. if i can merge them then i can copy the lore.txt file as well when i play on my work laptop.

thanks in advance.

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Just saying, if you play on you can use the same lore file and even the same character both at home and at work
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that's a nice thought, but... i am often without internet access. it's nice to be able to play off the hard drive and then sync it to the cloud when i have connectivity again. and also the term setup is better with my local setup.
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Bill Peterson
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I would think you could put Angband on a flash drive and just move that from one computer to another. Of course, your employer might not allow portable drives.
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Ingwe Ingweron
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Apart from just playing two different @s, the only solution I see is to copy the lore.txt file back and forth in the same way and at the same time as you are doing for the save file.
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I just ran into this same problem; fortunately for me I was only playing on the new install for a little while before I realized I'd left the lore behind. I wondered if there was a way to merge my tiny new one into the big old one, but in the end, for me it was such a small difference that I just deleted the new one and replaced it entirely with the old one.

Looking at how lore.txt is laid out, it looks like it just adds new monster entries onto the end of the file as you encounter them. So...possibly order doesn't matter, and you could just take whichever of your lore.txts seems the most complete, then copy and paste in the monsters that are missing. It would be a bit of a pain and wouldn't be a proper merge, but unless there's an actual programmatic lore.txt merge utility, might be the most feasible compromise.
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