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Originally Posted by Antoine View Post
I also think at least one class (the priest?) should be strongly discouraged from using missile weapons. This should be possible using a malus to the launchers skill only.

Ultimately every class should have a compelling story for how they kill things (or otherwise deal with monsters, if you want to make some kind of pacifist class that can scare/sleep/banish them instead). Right now the priest has Orb of Draining, and then an awful lot of not-great options. Their melee is unimpressive (second-worst after mage, and not by a wide margin), so is their bow skill (IIRC they are the worst with bows), their devices aren't terrible but they don't have Greater Recharging so it's hard to rely on them. Basically they get Orb, and then Healing means they don't have to worry about sucking at other forms of combat because they can just outlast everything instead.

Anyway, that's getting a bit off-topic and we're only 9 posts in. Back on track...

Armor weight does sound like it could be worth playing with. If you made the mana penalty scale much more aggressively for priests than it does for other classes, then you should end up with something roughly similar to how arcane casters view the glove penalty: it's something you simply ignore early on (armor is light / gloves aren't worth using anyway), is bothersome in the midgame (you can't afford the SP penalty / there may be nice gloves that you can't use), and usually becomes irrelevant in the late game (you have so much SP that you don't mind missing out on 50-100 points / all gloves have FA or DEX anyway).

That said, I'm not sure it passes the "makes sense" check for priests. The problem here being that for a lot of people, "priest" maps to "cleric" maps to "plate armor and a mace".

Just brainstorming here, but what if casting prayers provoked a temporary stealth penalty (or just a one-shot "make monsters a bit more awake"), as monsters are drawn to the sound and holy influence? You could even vary the sensitivity of monsters so that natural monsters didn't care, but evil and especially undead were very likely to wake up and come investigate if you cast prayers near them. Just give priests a "Praying" status effect that sticks after casting, lasts for a few turns, and has, say, a -3 stealth penalty attached to it. The practical upshot of this would be that it'd be hard to be properly stealthy as a priest, or at any rate you couldn't both be stealthy and make routine use of your prayers.
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