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Trying to think which roguelike has quicksand. Ragnarok I think?
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Originally Posted by Grotug View Post
Sandtrap, now that's a good idea!
+ to shots, surely
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My NetHack variant has quicksand terrain (called "shifting sand" after the stage in Super Mario 64), and if the player walks into it there's a yes/no prompt whether they really want to step in (unless confused or stunned, then there is no confirmation). Flying makes the player immune, but otherwise the player will have exactly three turns to move back to a non-shifting-sand tile or die. Magical breathing doesn't help, because as soon as the player is completely submerged they're essentially "buried".

What I didn't do, though, was to make some stat check or other effect that hinders the player's escape from the quicksand. Movement still works normally, unlike sinking in lava where the player has to succeed at some stat check to pull themselves out in time.
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