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Thanks, Pete, that's very illuminating, particularly on the DROP flags.

[edit] Oh, now: matters arising from those POWERFUL flags.

Not all creatures with the POWERFUL flag have a breath weapon, or ball spell, viz.:
Angel, Invisible Stalker, Water Elemental (which does have a Bolt), Fire Elemental, Earth Elemental, Smoke Elemental, Air Elemental (all ditto for Bolt), Will o'the Wisp, Archangel, Erinyes (has Bolt), Vrock, Hezrou, Cherub, Glabrezu, Barbazu, Seraph (Bolt), Marilith, Archon, Horned Reaper, Gabriel the Messenger.

There's three groups there, basically: elementals, angels and demons. Either there's another ability to which POWERFUL applies, or perhaps these had a ball spell or breath attack which was later removed - any elucidation, anyone?

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Pete Mack
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I did a grep on the codebase. That's the only instance. I had thought that SUMMON_UNIQUE also attempted to get powerful monsters but that is not the case.
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