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[Announce] Unangband 0.6.3c released

It looks like I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and acknowledge I'm unable to compile Unangband for OS/X. If anyone is running an old enough version of OS/X to include the Quickdraw library headers, I'd love to host a compiled version of this release.

### Bug Fixes ###

- Allow monsters to use their ranged attacks (Fix thanks to Alexis Scheuer).

- Fix monster toughness descriptions (Fix thanks to Alexis Scheuer).

- Prevent Witchblooms spell description crashing the game.

- Allow Saruman to appear in ruined Hobbiton (Fix thanks to gold dragon).

- Prevent friendly uniques from being invulnerable to enemy attacks (Reported by Ashkir).

You can download the source and compiled Windows binary.
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The screenshot links on your Unangband blog don't work (obviously)
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Same for changelog and todo list pages. Alas poor Berlios, we knew you well!
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Can someone write a note on this in the News section?
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I found this document after reading stuff about QuickDraw (deprecated in OS X 10.4) and remembered this thread. I thought I'd just link it here in case someone wants to try to fix the code so it compiles on newer versions of OS X.
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