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Orc archers see through door?

I'm new to playing Sil and currently it's my new addiction. I'm not reaching that far, but I just love its design. The tactical battles, the AI, the low-key magic, it's great!

I'm a little puzzled on the behaviour of the archers. I don't know if this is intentional but when I'm hiding behind a door they don't enter (which is smart, because I may be there waiting for them) but when I move 2 tiles further, they enter. How do they know that I'm far? Are they hearing me, is there a stealth check, or are there cheating so that the player won't take advantage by waiting for them and making them an ambush?

Oh, and one more question. When I'm in the middle of a corridor (there is tight darkness there, I can't see what is in there if I'm in the room next to it) they seem to have night vision, because they see me and fire at me from the tile between the corridor and the room.
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Holy Egg
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I've noticed this too. One of the (very few) immersion breaking elements. I've justified it by assuming they were peeking under the door to see my feet...
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Doesn't Vanilla play this way also? I've often thought monsters having "Auto-ESP" was a little unrealistic. Then again, the game(s) might be far too easy if monsters were clueless.
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