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# UI

- Either an in-game Key Mapping option or a dedicated text file for easy editing
- Change the way torches and lanterns occupy multiple inventory slots if in different fuel levels [suggestion in next section]

# Gameplay

- Remove fuel from light sources altogether. Along each source's light radius, add light levels (similar to Inner Light's ability) to balance them out. Multiple copies of the same light source become redundant
- Remove the food clock altogether
- Remove the dedicated bow weapon slot (Shooting)
- Some general (re-work / re-balance) on: Will skills and Forging (both on skills and the frequency of forges)
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I'd love to see a terminal window added to view items on the floor. It's something I can't live without in Vanilla, and I think it would help immensely in Sil. I tend to miss certain herbs quite a bit, as some colors make them very hard to see. Plus, I have a tendency to forget sometimes about items I've dropped while attempting to shuffle around inventory. Having a window that I can reference the items I've seen on the floor on that level would be a big quality of life change for me to make sure I don't miss something I don't want to live without.
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It'd be nice if the Sil manual covered smithing in more detail than it does at the moment, e.g.
  • actual items and their associated costs (XP, stats, forge uses)
  • how point requirements stack together
  • what enchantments are available for different types of items
  • how costs change when altering aspects of an item
  • what special powers can and cannot be combined

Compared to the detail in the other sections of the manual, the smithing section is oddly vague. Even though I've played the game to the point of reaching Morgoth, I've never done much any smithing because it seems like such a black box system.
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I'm hoping that half manages to stay on schedule from prior years, and release a new version come Jan. (I admit I doubt that his new daughter will allow that, but it could happen.) So time for all of us laggards to step with last minute suggestions/requests for 1.3

- Add something like the Angband ']' command, to list all the objects on the screen (and their locations). I've often wanted to check someting like this just before descending a level, to see if I've e.g. missed a Dark Herb or other difficult to spot object.

- Put Resist Fear in the Will tree somewhere. I'd suggest adding it to Clarity (and also changing the Clarity enchantment to include it).

- Allow Strength to reduce the evasion penalty of armor, 1 for 1.

- Allow "of Sharpness" to be an Enchantment for swords/axes/polearms

- Allow "of Free Action" to be an Enchantment for hand-gear. Right now, only boots have it (unless you count "of Final Rest" weapons).

- Allow "of Frost" Enchantment on a cloak. Or possibly make the existing "of Winter's Chill" also resist fire.

- Remove the "Artistry" smithing skill. Instead, use wobbly's suggestion and allow any smith to change one number that would formerly have needed Artistry. To change more than one number, you need to use Artifice, or re-forge the piece.

- Allow re-forging.

- Add +1 to each continuous attempt to pry out a Sil. Like Concentration, but with no limit.

- Buff Dwarves a little bit. Add Will affinity, and for the House that already has Will affinity, add Melee affinity.

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Maybe I'm boring, but I like a lot Sil the way it is now. I'm not sure I'll appreciate all the changes I've seen listed in this tread.
From my point of view, the areas were we could work are:

- skills : remove of leaping skill (I'd like every one can leap with an ability check dexterity based with malus weight-related, like stealth). Dodge give you a +X bonus to this ability check
- weapons: greatsword / bastard swords could have a major delta between them (not a big issue, just a nice to have)
- monster skills: nice add-on, we can work some more in this way
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I'd like to see a bonus to-hit given to daggers for attacking unwary or asleep monsters. It would be nice for them to be viable weapons for stealthy assassins and thematically it makes sense.
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