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Studded leather

Thought of Sil and Angband when I chanced upon this, we all inherited it from D&D I assume:
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Not fair, I'm trying to get work done. Now I have to watch all the videos. Queues up video on 'morning stars'...
You are on something strange
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Not only RPG's. As a biker, I see a lot of studded leather draped over the bodies of other bikers. Leather is good. Those studs? Each and every one of them is a potential injury. Worse, the studding almost certainly degrades the integrity of the leather it is attached to. Studded leather only looks good to people who like steampunk and such.

I'm not really into leather, but I hate to see good leather corrupted to achieve some "look" that basically has no value.

My preferred armor here:
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Well, if we're talking historical leather armor that leaves us with rawhide or laquered lamellar armor and not a whole lot else (and even then you'd want to reinforce the important bits with something durable). Turns out tanned and molded leather is (even more) useless at turning away any sort of blow made by actual weapons.

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