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It works because there are (apparently) two bugs in the listed code, and they cancel each other out.

Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
Funny stuff... consider ui-target.c. Why does pathfinder work (press 't', navigate to a square, press 'g' and go there) when targeter does:
    case 'g':
        cmd_set_arg_point(cmdq_peek(), "point", y, x);
How does that work when cmd_set_arg_point() takes x, y? Because do_cmd_pathfind() does:
    /* XXX-AS Add better arg checking */
    cmd_get_arg_point(cmd, "point", &x, &y);
    if (findpath(x, y)) {
and, of course, findpath()...
bool findpath(int y, int x)
I guess I'll have to leave the y, x stuff as it is, "fixing" it will just wreck the game at this point
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Originally Posted by kandrc View Post
It works because
I thought I already explaned why it works
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Originally Posted by AnonymousHero View Post
If you're going to do anything about this, might I suggest introducing a "struct point { int x, int y}" instead?
After some thinking I decided to do exactly that. Thank you! Angband actually already has "struct loc". Hopefully that will make the ui a little less bug prone...
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